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What’s New on CQOD

    Here are some things that have been going on in the world of CQOD:
  • 10/12/23—Implemented SSL.
  • 2/25/17—Added Google Translate to the sidebar of all pages.
  • 2/14/10—Released the Poetry Index of First Lines.
  • 12/9/09—Added tooltips and Bible Gateway links to the Scripture Index.
  • 11/28/09—Published a CQOD-related article, How to Build a Scripture Index, on Google knol.
  • 11/20/09—Implemented “checkmark” to indicate those quotations that have been “checked,” that is, verified with respect to the text and the bibliographical citation.
  • 10/30/09—Published a CQOD-related article, Finding Quotations in Google Books, on Google knol.
  • 8/12/09—Implemented “ShareThis” button on CQOD web pages; made the CQOD Facebook fan page link available; and made the CQOD Twitter link available.
  • 6/19/09—Released the CQOD Scripture index, listing those Scriptures that are associated with particular quotations, in Scipture order. This completes the planned revision of the CQOD website, begun 3/28/09. Obviously, improvements will continue, especially in completing the bibliographical citations.
  • 6/17/09—Launched CQOD on the go! service for mobile phones.
  • 6/10/09—CQOD email now available in HTML.
  • 6/5/09—Source links now available for 20% of the quotation database, and added bookmarking aids to the daily home page
  • 6/4/09—Author and title links added to CQOD Blog and RSS feed
  • 5/28/09—New CQOD website announced. New features include
    • new page design with better use of HTML, better integration, and added sidebar giving a complete list of CQOD facilities
    • page titles on every daily home page
    • Scripture references, at least one, often several, to associate with the quotation, all linked to Bible Gateway
    • new subject index added
    • subject categories on every daily home page, with links to the subject index
    • search window and subscription box on every page
    • more complete bibliographies
    • links to source text available for ten per cent of quotations
    • updated author and title indexes, with new links to biographical resources and dead links removed
    • pages giving details on the CQOD liturgical calendar
  • 4/8/09—Conclusion of CQOD's Quotations Bible Study, series I.
  • 3/28/09—A project to realize a new design for the CQOD web site and its underlying database and support is begun.
  • 3/23/09—Exportable CQOD announced. Via Javascript, CQOD can be placed on any web page, personal, home, business, or church. It will update every day.
  • 3/16/09—CQOD RSS feed announced. CQOD is registered with Feedburner.
  • 3/14/09—The book link is shortened, thanks to help from Agathon. The link now refers to a forwarding script in the CQOD server, which has a list of the links preloaded.
  • 3/9/09—CQOD adds a link to the book in the CQOD email, thanks to Google Books, which has made such links (to the classic writers’ works, at least) possible.
  • 2/28/09—Daily postings to the CQOD blog resume.
  • 2/25/09—The Quotations Bible Study, series I, begins on Ash Wednesday to run through Holy Week.
  • 12/15/08—GospelCom ceased operation after 13 years. There was a mad scramble to get CQOD running reliably on the new host, Agathon Group. Many thanks to GospelCom for their wonderful support. Thanks also to Agathon for their help in making the transition a smooth one. The CQOD email went out every day and was never late.

    Here's what you can do!
  • report broken links
  • look around on CQOD
  • exploit CQOD’s new level of integration with the WWW
  • tell others about CQOD’s new capabilities
  • study—read—enjoy—think—pray

    Thank you for your continued interest in the Christian Quotation of the Day.

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        Curator, Christian Quotation of the Day,
        with Robert Douglas, principal contributor
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